Innovative colours through research

Novachem, established on 1998, began its activity as a supplier of pigments, dyes and additives for specific industrial sectors, like Paints, Inks, Plastic materials, Leather, Rubber, Wood and other specialized fields.
In recent years Novachem has developed new series of products aimed at fulfilling the various requirements of its own clients and of the market in general, perceiving technological progress and changes.
At the same time, Novachem has established long standing relationships with well-known overseas manufacturing companies, guaranteeing Novachem’s customers prompt supplies and constant quality standards.
Novachem’s mission is orientated towards continuous cooperation with customers so as to properly meet their requirements. To its satisfaction Novachem is often considered a collaborator and not just a supplier.

Since 2005 Novachem has adopted a Quality Management System and it is nowadays certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards.


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